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Antibiotic (multi)drug resistance is a large and growing global health problem, particularly for tuberculosis and numerous nosocomial bacterial infections. In support of this, the World Health Organisation has proclaimed that research and drug development to combat these drug resistant bacteria is of critical priority. The CBA team investigates a series of novel strategies aimed to combat antibiotic resistant bacteria with current research focussing on the discovery and development of novel antibiotics and the development of innovate strategies that improve antibiotic penetration into bacteria.

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The objectives of the team «Influenza, Immunity and metabolism» (I2M) are to better understand the physiopathological consequences of viral respiratory tract infections. We focus on influenza A virus and, more recently, on SARS-CoV-2, the aetiologic agent of COVID-19. We aim to study early immunological events developing in the lung tissue, and also outside the lungs. We integrate the impact of ageing and co-morbidities (dyslipidemia) in the host response to infection. This research recently led us to identify the gut-lung axis, and particularly the gut microbiota, as an important player of the host response. The adipose tissue is also sollicitated during infection and we try to disentangle the consequences on disease outcomes.  For this, we develop experimental models in link with clinicians. We expect that a better understanding of the gut/lung/adipose tissue axis will be instrumental in conceiving novel treatment options for patients.

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One of our major focus concern the 3rd cause of death in the world: COPD.
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