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Outreach : Science popularization & sensibilisation

Science festival 2022: Fun and casually to learn.

On the weekend of October 8 and 9, 2022, the Lille Infection and Immunity Center (CIIL) met the public as part of the Science Festival which took place at the Halle aux sugars, with the theme this year : “Climate Awakening”.

The centre's scientists took great pleasure in exchanging views and were able to draw the public's attention to their work relating, among other things, to outdoor and indoor air pollution. Many questions punctuate their research, in particular the impact on respiratory health depending on the origin of the pollution (industrial, urban, agricultural, etc.). Visitors were thus able to observe natural particles under the microscope (erosion, dust, etc.) but also observe the consequences on a lung exposed to fine particles over the long term. This pollution penetrates deep into the respiratory tract where it can cause inflammation and impair respiratory function as a whole. Effect that visitors were able to hear using recordings of people in respiratory distress. To find out more, participants were invited to play to find the emblematic pollutants of different rooms in the house as well as their effects on health. Through small manipulations, the youngest could put themselves in the shoes of a researcher to identify the pollutant responsible for a patient's persistent cough. Finally, visitors could take part in the quiz game and test their knowledge of air quality.

In summary, these two afternoons were an opportunity to have fun, and casually, to learn.

Science festival 2021: between research and emotions

The CIIL, with the support of the University of Lille, participated in the science festival whose theme was "From discoveries to emotions, the path of research".

The CIIL session, entitled "Live my life as a scientist", was held at the Natural History Museum of Lille from October 7 to 10, 2021. Scientists thus had the opportunity to discuss with pupils and the public.

To let discover the profession of researcher and the associated emotions, the session first described the different stages of a research project, from the idea to the dissemination of the results with the scientific article, even the honorary award.
Then, the participant could spin a wheel of emotions and find out at which stage of the project the emotion in question could be felt.
Then, the participant was put in the shoes of a researcher and had the mission, from a fictitious patient sample, to identify the pathogen responsible for the patient's symptoms and then a new therapeutic solution.
For this he had microscope observations and had to perform pipetting operations. The session ended with a time for discussion, including a compendium of feelings.
And to echo the news, participants could also test the efficiency with which they disinfect their hands using a hydroalcoholic gel enriched with a molecule revealed by UV in a box.

CIIL scientists were delighted to participate in these four intense days with a continuous flow of visitors. Interest in science has been confirmed and who knows, new vocations may have been born.

Operation “Apprentis Chercheurs”

We are co-organizing with “Arbre des Connaissances” (the national coordinator) a Zoom meeting to present the Scientific mediation operation called “Apprentis Chercheurs” on Tuesday March 16th from 14 to 15h. This meeting will give you an overview of this operation giving the opportunity to young students from high-school to participate in a research project. New supervisors for this young apprentice are always welcomed. If you are interested to participate all the information will be provided during this meeting.

Action Kid Campus
This action was initiated by Frank Lafont (CMPI Team, pedagogical coordinator) in 2006. It allows schoolchildren of 9-10 years old to spend half a day on the Pasteur campus to visit the Museum, have a training on hygiene and a workshop animated by scientific personal of the campus.

Ten years the CMPI Team (Frank Lafont) intiatied the Scientist Apprentice action that has engaged now  many Teams from the CIIL in association with the Tree of Knowledges.

Since 2018 the CMPI team participates to the Foundation Schlumberger DECLICS program that aims at developing the dialogue between scientists and High Schoolchildren. Scientists go to meet the Schoolchildren in their classes and after a short overview of the activity of the lab a speed dating is organized allowing Schoolchildren to know better the several research professions.


Scientist Apprentices
A binomial of 14 and 16 years-old Junior high and high schoolchildren are hosted for 8 half-days directly in the lab mentored by PhDs and senior scientists to perform a research project that will be presented during a mini-symposium at the end of the internship.  

Journalist Apprentices
A group of Junior high and high schoolchildren follow their colleagues during their Scientist apprentice internship and realize a video report on what  these latter have experienced when hosted in the Research Lab.