This is a unique opportunity to join the CIIL as a junior or a senior researcher to work on antibiotic resistance!
We will select the most talented candidates to support them in their application. 
Send us your cv and a letter of motivation to this MAIL

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Offre poste Ingénieur d'Etudes en biologie

L'équipe Immunité pulmonaire recherche un Ingénieur d'Etudes pour travailler sur un projet sur le traitement de l'asthme sévère dans le cadre d'un programme Start Airr financé par la région Hauts-de-France.

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Offer a temporarily technician position

We are looking for a technician to temporarily support the research of the Chemical Biology of Antibiotics (CBA) laboratory at the Centre of infection and Immunity of Lille, located at the Institut Pasteur of Lille. The Chemical Biology of Antibiotics (CBA) team is an international, cross-disciplinary team focused on the antibiotic drug discovery and development and work in organic chemistry, bacterial genetics, biochemistry, bacteriology and drug susceptibility testing...

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Open technician position

We are looking for a technician in organic chemistry to support antibiotic drug discovery research in the Chemical Biology of Antibiotics (CBA) team located at the Institut Pasteur of Lille. The CBA team is a cross-disciplinary team focused on the discovery and development of novel antibiotic molecules. As part of a ERC-COG funded program, ANTIBIOCLICKS, technical expertise in organic chemistry are sought in order to support the synthesis of a number of molecules.

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Two postdoctoral positions

Two postdoctoral positions (one senior & one junior) in antibiotics discovery are open at Institut Pasteur de Lille

Postdoc positions are open in the Centre of Infection and Immunity of Lille at the Institut Pasteur de Lille.

The candidates will conduct research in collaboration with the TB experts of the CIIL (A. Baulard, P. Brodin, R. Hartkoorn, Ph. Supply, C. Locht), in association with a large national consortium of 9 laboratories and more than 50 experts, developing a set of highly innovative and synergistic antibiotic molecules targeting M. tuberculosis.

This project called Mustart (Multiparametric Strategies against Antibiotic Resistance in Tuberculosis) is supported by the French program “Investments for the Future” .

Mustart is seeking for a senior postdoc researcher able to synergize the scientific activities of the various partners, with guidance and support of Dr Alain Baulard (Up to 4-year contract). Applicants must possess a Ph.D. in biochemistry, molecular biology, biomedical engineering or related areas. A strong expertise in molecular and cellular microbiology is mandatory. Previous experience in mycobacteriology would obviously be a plus.

The Mustart project is also recruiting a junior postdoc researcher (2½ - year contract) with a Ph.D. in biochemistry or in molecular biology. Experience in DNA cloning and recombineering in mycobacteria is a major asset.

Our lab, located at the Institut Pasteur de Lille has unlimited access to state-of-the-art imaging, omics, biophysics, HTS-HCS, ADME and BSL3 facilities. We offer a nice working place in a multicultural, diverse and dynamic academic environment. Lille is a vibrant city in the north of France, strategically located in the heart of Europe (1hr from Paris, London or Brussels).

Applicants are invited to submit a Curriculum Vitae, including list of publications, a short description of present research and contact information of three referees to: and



Postdoc position offer

To reinforce our research activities, we aim to welcome a young scientist with the potential to be recruited as a permanent scientist in our team and to bring complementary expertise. A minimal 3-year postdoc is required. The team is also looking for an engineer to develop preclinical models of COVID-19.

Interested applicants can send a letter explaining why they are interested and their curriculum vitae by email to Francois Trottein