Ingineer position available in the OpInfIELD team

We are looking for an enginer in order to support our research on the physiopathology of SARCoV2 infection in the OpInfIELD team and in collboration with the MCV Team (Dr S. Belouzard) in the Center for Infection and Immunity of Lille (CIIL) of the Pasteur Institute of Lille. This project is focused on the role of nicotinic receptors in the early steps of the infection and in the control of the inflammatory reaction (ANR project NirCOVID). The OpInfIELD team is developping studies about the physiopathology of infectious diseases and their interactions with inflammatory disorders including chronic obstructive disease (COPD) by using pertinent cellular and experimental models.

The engineer will be on charge of the experiments and their analysis. She/he will work with the people involved in this program and under the responsability of the team leader. Applicants will hold appropriate levels (Master or ingineer). The applicant will be implicated in in different experiments in the laboratory including, cell culture, virus and bacterial cultures, molecular biology, immunofluorescence and immunoassays.

The applicant should have experience in cell biology, virology, molecular biology. An experience in immunology might be appreciated. The candidate must be highly motivated, should have practical experience and should like to work dynamically in our team.

Starting date: As soon as possible

How   to  apply: Applicant should  send a CV, a cover letter,  and  references to Philippe Gosset : HERE

Offer a temporarily technician position

We are looking for a technician to temporarily support the research of the Chemical Biology of Antibiotics (CBA) laboratory at the Centre of infection and Immunity of Lille, located at the Institut Pasteur of Lille. The Chemical Biology of Antibiotics (CBA) team is an international, cross-disciplinary team focused on the antibiotic drug discovery and development and work in organic chemistry, bacterial genetics, biochemistry, bacteriology and drug susceptibility testing...

More details: HERE

Open engineer position

The CGIM team led by Priscille Brodin at the Center for Infection and Immunity of Lille is looking for a research engineer in cellular microbiology and animal experimentation. The agent will join an international consortium (JPI-AMR MTI4MDR-TB) which aims to identify new compounds to fight antibiotic resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (causative agent of tuberculosis). More details: HERE

Open technician position

We are looking for a technician in organic chemistry to support antibiotic drug discovery research in the Chemical Biology of Antibiotics (CBA) team located at the Institut Pasteur of Lille. The CBA team is a cross-disciplinary team focused on the discovery and development of novel antibiotic molecules. As part of a ERC-COG funded program, ANTIBIOCLICKS, technical expertise in organic chemistry are sought in order to support the synthesis of a number of molecules.

More details: HERE

Offre d’emploi Technicien

L’équipe OpInfIELD (Infections Opportunistes, Immunité, Environnement & Maladies respiratoires), CIIL, Institut Pasteur de Lille, recherche un technicien pour les missions suivantes :
- Réception et analyse mycologique de prélèvements (poussières, air, lames) effectués en habitat ou autre lieu de vie dans le cadre des projets de recherche de l’équipe (formation assurée en interne en début de mission)
- Caractérisation phénotypique des moisissures (réalisation et interprétation d’antifongigrammes) ; détection et caractérisation de moisissures par méthode moléculaire (PCR, PCR en temps réel, séquençage)
- Participation au traitement, à l’analyse et à la valorisation des données recueillies

Plus de détails sur l'offre


Postdoc position offer

The "Lung Infection and Innate Immunity" laboratory is mainly interested in two clinically relevant pathogens: influenza A virus and Streptococcus pneumoniae. Our objectives are (i) to define host molecular and cellular factors that predispose to bacterial infections in the context of pulmonary inflammation (such as during flu) and metabolic disorders and (ii) to develop new strategies to strengthen host defense mechanisms against respiratory pathogens.

To reinforce our research activities, we aim to welcome a young scientist with the potential to be recruited as a permanent scientist in our team and to bring complementary expertise. A minimal 3-year postdoc is required. Interested applicants can send a letter explaining why they are interested and their curriculum vitae by email.