Team Cayenne

Pr Magalie PIERRE DEMAR, PU-PH – Univ. French Guiana

Pr Ghislaine PREVOT, PU-Univ. French Guiana

Dr Romain BLAIZOT, MCU-PH-CHAR-Univ. French Guiana

Dr Pierre COUPPIE, PU-PH-Dermatology CHAR – Univ. French Guiana

Dr Felix DJOSSOU, PU-PH-Infectious Diseases CHAR-Univ. French Guiana

Pr Mathieu NACHER, PU-PH-Dir. CIC CHAR-Univ. French Guiana

Pr Narcisse ELENGA, PU-PH-CHAR-Univ. French Guiana

Dr Marine GINOUVES, Engineer assistant-Univ. French Guiana

Mona SAOUT, Technician-Univ. French Guiana

Adria MATOUTE, Engineer assistant-Univ. French Guiana

Kevin NERONELFORT, PhD student-Univ. French Guiana

Philippe Abboud (PH)
Antoine Adenis (PH)
Denis Blanchet (PH)
Thimothée Bonifay (PH)
Maylis Douine (PH)
Loïc Epelboin (PH)
Atem Kallel (PH)
Florence Niemetzky (PH)
Emilie Mosnier (PH)
Vincent Sainte-Rose (PH)
Audrey Valdez (PH)

Team Lille

Dr Sylviane PIED, Director of Research-CNRS

Pr Pierre-André CAZENAVE, Professor Emeritus

Dr Jacques ROLAND, Researcher Volunteer-CR1 CNRS

Dr Corine GLINEUR, Researcher CNRS

Inès LELEU, Engineer-CNRS

Nasreddine SAIDI, PhD Student-Univ. Tunis and Lille

Georcil PROSSE-AHOUET, PhD Student-Univ. Congo

Fatima HELLANI, PhD Student-Univ. Lille

Jeremy ALLOO, PhD Student-Univ. Lille

Kevin NERONELFORT, PhD student-Univ. French Guiana

Post Docs, PhD and Master students

Nasreddine SAIDI, PhD student-Univ. Tunis and Lille (6th year). Comparative Analysis of the Immune Response in Human Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Skin Lesions.

Roxane SCHAUB, PhD student-Univ. French Guiana (5th year). Integrative approach to leprosy in French Guiana: molecular epidemiology and human-animal-ecosystem interface.

Georcil PROSSE-AHOUET, PhD student-Univ. Congo (5th year). Study of the immune response to the Plasmodium falciparum infection in asymptomatic children in two endemic regions of the Republic of Congo.

Fatima HELLANI, PhD student-Univ. Lille (4th year). Effect of Plasmodium infection on glial cell senescence: Role in premature neurological disorders related to aging.

Estelle CHABANOL, PhD student-Univ. French Guiana (3rd year). Resistance of P. falciparum to artemisinin-derived associations: characterization and epidemiology in Amazonia.

Jeremy ALLOO, PhD student-Univ. Lille (2nd year). Impact of intestinal microbiota diversity on cerebral malaria sensitivity.

Kevin NERONELFORT, PhD student-Univ. French Guiana (2nd year). Mutual impact of protozoan concomitant infections on humoral immunity and disease outcome in French Guiana.

Romain BLAIZOT, PhD student-Univ. French Guiana. Epidemiology of the cutaneous leishmaniasis in the West Africa : mapping of clinical cases, species and disease vectors.

Inès LELEU, Ingenior-PhD student-Univ. French Guiana (1st year). Role of astrocytes in Cerebral Malaria and the Plasmodium-Toxoplasma coinfection.

Yunia FITRIANI DEWI, PhD student-Univ. French Guiana. Assessing Executive Function towards Coping Strategies and Hair Steroids as Stress Biomarkers among Hospital-Based Health Care Workers.

Déborah MORISSETTE, PhD student-Univ. French Guiana. Study of the effectiveness of nutraceutical ingredients developed from the bioresources of French Guiana in order to improve the physiological capacities of athletes.

Oulfata MZE, Master 2 Cellular Biology and Microbiology, speciality Parasitology-Mycology, Univ. Paris-Sorbonne.Analysis of the anti-inflammatory effect of probiotics and plants extracts on glial cells : role on the experimental cerebral malaria development. 

Capucine PICAVET, Master 2 Biology-Health, speciality Infectious diseases and Microbiota, Univ. Aix-Marseille. Study of ILC2s and NKB cells role in the Plasmodium-Toxoplasma coinfection. 


Dr Tarun KESWANI (2016-2019) - Bourse Prestige, Région Hauts-de-France, Fondation des Treilles. 

Dr Dimpu GOGOI (2017-2018) - Bourses SERB Overseas.

Dr Lobna GAAYEB (2013-2014) - Bourse EPLS.

Dr Sandeep SHRIVASTAVA (2009-2012) - Bourse Région Nord Pas de Calais.

Dr Devendra BANSAL (2008-2011) - Bourse CEFIPRA.

Dr Tani LY (2017-2021) - Univ. French Guiana. Molecular epidemiology of histoplasms in the French Guiana Plateau and South America.

Dr Chitale REMONJA (2017-2021) - Univ. French Guiana. Cancers in French Guiana: the share of infectious agents, prevention and screening.

Dr Luana MATHIEU (2016-2021) - Univ. French Guiana. Resistance of P. falciparum to artemisinin-derived associations: characterization and epidemiology in the French Guiana plateau.

Dr Soushieta JAGADESH (2017-2020) - Univ. French Guiana. Biogeography of Emerging Infectious Diseases.

Dr Florence HUBER (2016-2020) - Univ. French Guiana. Infection by HIV in Guyanese prisons: Profile and prognosis of people living with HIV incarcerated between 2013 and 2019.

Dr Gina-Laure LAGHOE-NGUEMBE (2016-2020) - Univ. French Guiana. Molecular epidemiology of zoonoses in the fauns of French Guiana.

Dr Laure Manuella IMOUNGA (2016-2020) - Univ. French Guiana. Guyana’s epidemiological situation with regard to cancers between 2005 and 2014: sub-regional, national, international comparisons and specificities.

Dr Marine GINOUVES (2014-2020) – Univ. French Guiana. Phylogeny and involvement of Leishmania RNA virus in cutaneous leishmaniasis caused by L. guyanensis in French Guiana.

Dr Laetitia FERRARO (2013-2020) - Univ. French Guiana. Study of the genetic diversity of the populations of Anopheles darlingi, main vector of malaria in Guyana.

Dr Agathe CHAVY (2016-2019) - Univ. French Guiana. Environmental influence on the transmission cycle of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Guyana, on a spatial multi-scale.

Dr Rita Dévi ROCHEMONT (2015-2019) - Univ. French Guiana. End-stage kidney failure and cardiovascular disease: the weight of chronic diseases in Guyana.

Dr Malika LENEUVE-DORILAS (2015-2019) - Univ. French Guiana. Risk factors for premature birth in French Guiana.

Dr Stephane SIMON (2011-2019) – Univ. French Guiana. Amazonian toxoplasmosis: diversity of Toxoplasma gondii in humans and animals, pathological consequences and virulence mechanisms.

Dr Antoine ADENIS (2017-2018) - Univ. French Guiana. From the exercise of research involving the human person on public health issues in Guiana: synthesis and perspectives.

Dr Gérald EGMANN (2011-2018) - Univ. French Guiana. Place of French emergency medicine in isolated environments with descriptive epidemiology of pathologies of predictive severity factors.

Dr David KOFFI (2014-2017) - Univ. Ivory Coast. Immuno-epidemiological analysis of parasitic antibodies and the role of the self-active antibody repertoire in the protection against Malaria in Ivory Coast.

Dr Antoine ADENIS (2012-2017) - Univ. French Guiana. Histoplasmosis in HIV-infected patients in French Guiana.

Dr Claire LAMBERT (2013-2016) – Univ. Lille. Role of TLR3 in immune response to Plasmodium infection.

Dr Antoine ADDE (2012-2013) – Univ. French Guiana. Remote Sensing and Malaria in Guiana: Environmental Determinants of Anopheles Mosquito Distribution and Density.

Dr Esther DALKO (2011-2014) - Univ. Québec and Lille. The modulatory effect of heme on the response of T lymphocytes and glial cells, and its impact on the pathophysiology of severe malaria.

Dr Tristan ROUE (2011-2014) - Univ. French Guiana. Cancer epidemiology in Guiana: analysis of data from the Cancer Register of Guiana.

Dr Narcisse ELENGA (2011-2014) – Univ. French Guiana. The epidemiology of HIV infection in adults in Guadeloupe: study from the hospital database on HIV infection.

Dr Lobna GAAYEB (2009-2012) – Univ. Lille. Effects of seasons and malnutrition on immunity of Senegalese children in the WHO vaccine programme.

Adria MATOUTE (2021) - Master 2, Univ. Montpellier. Study of the parasitic micro-biodiversity of French Guiana’s wildlife. 

Orélie BENOIT (2020) – Master 2, Univ. De Guyane. Parasitic food risk on meat consumed in French Guiana.

Manon ARNAUD (2017-2019) - Master 2, Univ. Paris VI and Lille. Study of innate lymphoid cells induced during Plasmodium berghei ANKA-Toxoplasma gondii coinfection and their role in the protection against the experimental cerebral malaria.

Inès LELEU (2016-2018) - Master 2, Univ. Paris VI and Lille. Plasmodium berghei ANKA-derived microvesicles in astrocytes: mechanisms of transfer and characterization.

Diana Laure MBOUMBA (2017) - Master 2, Univ. Paris VI. Immune responses of FC gamme RIII deficient mices infected by Plasmodium berghei ANKA.

Sarah BELHOCINE (2017) - Master 2, Univ. Paris VI. Immune responses involved in the protection against the experimental cerebral malaria induced by Toxoplasma gondii.

Célia MERAT (2012-2013) - Master 2, Univ. Paris VI. Involvment of caspace-3 independent apoptosis pathways in the experimental cerebral malaria.

Marion DRAHEIM (2012-2013) - Master 2, Univ. Paris VI. Involvment of the TLR3 molecule in the establishment of the protective immune response in an infection mice model by Plasmodium yoelii.

Frankie MBADINGA (2011-2012) - Master 2, Univ. Lille. Research of alpha-2-spectrine epitopes of brain recognized by the neuropaludeans for the development of a prognosis test for cerebral malaria.

Yamen KHADIMALLAH (2011-2012) - Master 2, Univ. Paris VI. Study of the contribution of self-active B responses to the pathophysiology of the cerebral malaria.