Research on Mycobacteria and Bordetella

Head of team:

Nathalie Mielcarek


The research activity is focused on the molecular pathogenesis of bacterial respiratory infections, especially pertussis and tuberculosis, two important global public health problems. The objectives of the team are (i) to study the molecular details of the pathogenic mechanisms of Bordetella pertussis and Mycobacterium tuberculosis and (ii) to use this knowledge to develop novel approaches for better vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics. Our research represents a bi-directional continuum from basic science to applications and clinical investigations. Since the bacterial cell envelope constitutes the pathogen’s interface with the host, the study of the M. tuberculosis and B. pertussis cell envelope is one major area of our research. The second area concerns the transcriptomic and genomic adaptation of the two pathogens to their environment. Finally, the third area corresponds to the translational aspects of our research, in an effort to help developing new vaccines, new antibiotics and new diagnostics.