Cell Physics and surface signalling linked of host-pathogen interactions

  • Biomechanics of Listeria monocytogenes–host cell interaction (with P Cossart Inst Pasteur Paris)
  • Biophysics of Trans- Endothelial Macroapertures induced by bacterial toxins (with E Lemichez Inst Pasteur Paris)
  • Neisseria interaction with plasma membrane: adhesion forces (With S Bourdoulous Inst Cochin)
  • Signaling associated to the interaction of Yersinia to the cell surface
  • Imaging at high speed membrane dynamics and protein/lipid interactions
  • Biophysics of host-pathogen interaction at the nanometric scale
  • Structure and dynamics of SNARE calcium-sensitive oligomers for synaptic vesicle transmission (with JE Rothmans Yale Univ)
  • Nano-mechanics response measurements of cells and tissues in cancer (EU ITN consortium)
  • Towards automation for nano-mechanics characterization of biological samples in diseases

Autophagy & Infection

  • Autophagy hijacking during vacuolar infection phase: Yersinia
  • Role of autophagy as a response to membrane damages: Shigella and Coxiella
  • Role of autophagy in cellular responses to norovirus infection (G. Muharram)
  • Characterization of autophagy regulation by Lactic Acid Bacteria both in vitro and in vivo (C. Daniel)


  • Cytoadhesion of Plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocytes, ultrastructural characterization and elastic properties of knobs studied with AFM
  • Ultrastructural analysis of osteoblasts mineralization
  • Characterization of hydrophobins from Aspergillus fumigatus
  • Adhesive properties of Staphylococcus aureus

Technologies and Developments

  • Atomic Force Microscopy and super-resolution fluorescence microscopy correlative method: Ciczora et al 2019 Biol Cell
  • CLAFEM: Correlative Light Atomic Force Electronic Microscopy : Janel et al 2017 Methods in Cell Biology
  • CLEM: Correlative Light Electron Microscopy on host-pathogen interaction Ligeon & al 2015 Methods
  • Stiffness tomography of intracellular organelles : Roduit et al 2008,2009 Biophys J, Janel et al Nanoscale 2019
  • AFM automation: Dujardin et al PLoS ONE 2019
  • AFM Measurement standardization for cells and tissues: Schillers et al 2017 Sci Rep

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