The world
of the infinitely small
bandeau BCG 2021


Venue : Auditoire de l’Institut de Biologie de Lille,

Institut Pasteur de Lille,

1, rue du Prof. Calmette,

F-59019 Lille Cedex, France

November 17, 2021

13h00 – 14h00 : Registration

14h00 – 15h30 : Opening session
                             Welcome address by Prof. Xavier Nassif, Director General of Institut Pasteur de Lille

                             Welcome address by Dr. Jean Dubuisson, Director General of the Center for Infection and Immunity of Lille

                             The History of BCG: Camille Locht, France
14h30 – 15h00    BCG and tuberculosis in the world today: Ann Ginsberg, USA
15h00 – 15h30    BCG production, challenges and world-wide supply: Soumya Swaminathan, WHO Geneva, Switzerland

15h30 – 16h00:   Coffee break

16h00 – 18h30:   Session 1: novel vaccine approaches against tuberculosis
16h00 – 16h25    Human immune responses to BCG, towards correlates of protection: Olubukola Idoko, The Gambia/France
16h25 – 16h50    Revaccination with BCG: Mark Hatherill, South Africa
16h50 – 17h15    Alternative routes of BCG vaccination: iv vaccination, Robert A. Seder, USA

17h15 – 17h40    Alternative routes of BCG vaccination, mucosal vaccination: Frank Verreck, The Netherlands
17h40 – 18h05    VPM1002; a recombinant BCG vaccine against tuberculosis: Stefan Kaufmann, Germany/USA
18h05 – 18h30    MTBVAC an attenuated Mycobacterium tuberculosis vaccine, ready to start clinical efficacy trials, 100 years after the first vaccination with Mycobacterium bovis BCG: Carlos Martin, Spain
18h30 – 20h00:   Cocktail reception
                            with the participation of Sylvain Thénault-Guérin, great-grandson of Camille Guérin.


November 18, 2021

9h00 – 11h55 :     Session 2: Non-specific off-target effects of BCG
9h00 – 9h25    Effect of BCG on overall childhood mortality: Victoria Nankabirwa, Uganda
9h25 – 9h50    The non-specific effects of BCG on heterologous infections: Sarah Prentice, Uganda/UK
9h50 – 10h15    BCG and trained innate immunity: Eva Kaufmann, Canada
10h15 – 10h40   BCG-mediated protection against neonatal sepsis: Nelly Amenyogbe, Australia
10h40 – 11h05   Effect of BCG on immunogenicity of heterologous vaccines: Petra Zimmermann, Switzerland
11h05 – 11h30    Coffee break

11h30 – 11h55    Effect of parental BCG priming on the offspring: Christine Stabell Benn, Denmark

11h55 – 12h10    Variation in T-cell immunity in Health and its contribution to BCG efficacy: Emily Shaw, UK

12h10 – 12h25    Recombinant BCG expressing the LTAK63 adjuvant as an alternative for the treatment of infection caused by M. tuberculosis: Monalisa Martins Trentini, Brazil

12h25 – 12h40    Bacille Calmette-Guérin vaccine reprograms human neonatal lipid metabolism in vitro and in vivo: Diray-Arce Joann, USA

12h40 – 14h00:    Lunch

14h00 – 16h05:    Session 3: BCG and COVID-19
14h00 – 14h25    The BRACE project: Nigel Curtis, Australia
14h25 – 14h50    Randomized Clinical trial of BCG vaccination against COVID in the elderly: Henri Werkhoven, Utrecht, The Netherlands
14h50 – 15h15    Impact of COVID-19 on BCG vaccination coverage and paedriatic tuberculosis mortality: Richard White, UK
15h15 – 15h30    A randomized phaseII/III trial on BCG vaccinations for prevention of Covid-19 and other infectious diseases in the US: Denise Faustman, USA

15h30 – 15h45    BCG-adjuvanted vaccine candidates for protection against SARS-CoV-2 infection: Jamie Triccas, Australia

15h45 – 15h55    Aerosol BCG vaccination and SARS-CoV2 infection in the rhesus macaque model: Laura Sibley, UK

15h55 – 16h05    Hypothesis : A 2-level strategy to fight new Coronavirus variants or other emerging viruses: Micha Roumiantzeff, France

16h05 – 16h20    Effectiveness of booster BCG vaccination in preventing Covid-19 infection. Iradj Amirlak, United Arab Emirats

16h20 – 16h50    Coffee break

16h50 – 17h05    Intravenous BCG remodels the pulmonary innate compartment to support early control of respiratory pathogens: Kerry Hilligan, USA

17h05 – 17h20    BCG revaccination impact on the response to unrelated vaccines in adolescents: a research protocol: Ludoviko Zirimenya, Uganda

17h20 – 17h35    BCG vaccination is associated with a lower incidence of pertussis and improves DTaP immunity in mice: Esther Broset, Spain

17h35 – 17h45    Exploring different routes of vaccination against tuberculosis with parental and recombinant BCG vaccines in murine models: Fadel Sayes, France

17h45 – 17h55    Recombinant BCG expressing LTAK63 adjuvant increases central memory T cells and long-lasting protection against tuberculosis: Lazaro Moreira Marques Neto, Brazil

17h55 – 18h05    Potential monoclonal antibody treatment against Mycobacterium tuberculosis in a murine model of tuberculosis: Tuhina Gupta, USA

19h00 - ???         Conference dinner at Hermitage Gantois


November 19, 2021

9h00 - 10h20 :     Session 4: BCG and cancer
9h00 – 9h25        Mucosal immunity in the bladder; sex differences, immunotherapy, and preclinical models to follow antigen-specific immunity in bladder cancer: Molly Ingersoll, France
9h25 – 9h50        Recombinant BCG releasing a bio-active small molecule for bladder cancer treatment: William Bishai, USA

9h50 – 10h05      MyD88-dependent BCG immunotherapy reduces murine bladder cancer and regulates tumor microenvironment: Nina de Queiroz, Brazil

10h05 – 10h20    MTBVAC drives superior anti-bladder cancer adaptive immunity dependent on RD1 encoded genes absent in BCG: Eduardo Moreo, Spain

10h20 – 10h50:   Coffee break

10h50 – 12h30:   Session 5: BCG and inflammatory & auto-immune diseases
10h50 – 11h15    BCG vaccine in type 1 diabetes: Denise Faustman, US
11h15 – 11h40    BCG therapy in bladder cancer is associated with a significant reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease: Hervé Bercovier, Israel.
11h40 – 12h05    BCG and allergy; current evidence and challenges: Laure Pittet, Switzerland

12h05 – 12h30:   Closing lecture: Stanley Plotkin, USA

12h30 - ??:          Lunch and farewell