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The team led by Anne Tsicopoulos and Cecile Chevinesse at the CIIL developed a model of dog-induced chronic neutrophilic asthma exhibiting a strong bronchial remodelling and Th17-type response.

Severity of asthma has been linked to some gram negative bacteria that are recognized by NOD1, a receptor associated with asthma. The team led by Anne Tsicopoulos at the CIIL and her collaborators have shown that inhibition of NOD1 and its signalling pathway, inhibits the parameters of house dust mite (HDM)-induced asthma independently of the host intestinal microbiota, but dependently on the sensing by epithelial cells of Bartonellaceae-derived peptidoglycans present in HDM. These results suggest that inhibition of NOD1 pathway may provide a therapeutic approach in AAAA&I