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A new rapid and non-invasive assay for assessing the biodiversity of bovine intestinal microbiota

An exclusive license has been signed between SATT Nord and Gènes Diffusion for the development of a screening kit for a biomarker predictive of health and productive longevity in cattle.

The licensed technology originates from a research project conducted by the Ecology and Physiopathology of Intestinal Protozoa (ECOPHIP) team headed by Eric Viscogliosi, Research Director at the CNRS, at the Lille Center for Infection and Immunity (CIIL), and managed by Magali Chabé, MCU at the University of Lille. This co-maturation project involved the rapid detection and diagnosis of a biomarker of bovine intestinal microbiota. This component of the intestinal microbiota is associated with greater bacterial diversity, resulting in better stimulation of the animals' immune system, which will be more resistant to various infectious episodes. This biomarker can be detected relatively early in the life of heifers, predicting their ability to assume a greater longevity in dairy production. This co-development between the SATT Nord, Gènes Diffusion and CIIL teams allowed the technology to be developed according to Gènes Diffusion's specific market expectations. This public-private partnership via co-maturation also received support from the Région Hauts-de-France via a FEDER grant.

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