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Characterization of Two Parabacteroides distasonis Candidate Strains as New Live Biotherapeutics against Obesity

The gut microbiota is now considered as a key player in the development of metabolic dysfunction. Therefore, targeting gut microbiota dysbiosis has emerged as a new therapeutic strategy, notably through the use of live gut microbiota-derived biotherapeutics. We previously highlighted the anti-inflammatory abilities of two Parabacteroides distasonis strains.

We herein evaluate their potential anti-obesity abilities and show that the two strains induced the secretion of the incretin glucagon-like peptide 1 in vitro and limited weight gain and adiposity in obese mice. These beneficial effects are associated with reduced inflammation in adipose tissue and the improvement of lipid and bile acid metabolism markers. P. distasonis supplementation also modified the Actinomycetota, Bacillota and Bacteroidota taxa of the mice gut microbiota. These results provide better insight into the capacity of P. distasonis to positively influence host metabolism and to be used as novel source of live biotherapeutics in the treatment and prevention of metabolic-related diseases.

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