Federative structure on infectious and inflammatory diseases


The SF2i aims promoting :

The SF2i will promote two major common research themes focused on infection and inflammation. This will include translational developments of innovative experimental models and technologies. Focusing on infection and inflammation is also mean to increase further the visibility for the institutions and the patients. Specific efforts will be made to understand and characterize co-morbidities associated with infections and inflammation, susceptibility to infection in patients, especially patients with immune-mediated inflammatory diseases (IMID), and the role of infections in further development and in the progression of chronic inflammation and fibrosis.

The SF2i’s project is fully in line with national and local health and research strategies. As a continuation of the SF3i (2015-2019), the SF2i (2020-2024) will help to “structure local research around academic research clusters of excellence”. The CIIL and INFINITE research centers have already structured their own research activities for 2020-2024 through the renewal and optimization of existing core structures. It is expected that further structuring will increase the research centers’ impact on regional, national and European funding agencies and will position infectious and inflammatory diseases as a unique scientific center of excellence in Lille, as is currently the case for neuroscience and cancer.

The SF2i will thus federate and develop multidisciplinary, integrated research on pathogenic microorganisms and inflammatory diseases that affect humans within the "One Health" framework adopted by the WHO. Accordingly, the SF2i will have to strengthen the above-mentioned themes by initiating and developing educational programs, training, and dissemination activities in the field of infection and inflammation. Moreover, one of the SF2i’s main medium-term objectives is to prepare a unique, global initiative for 2025 in order to applied for a common center structuration.

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