Team leader:

Priscille Brodin


Priscille Brodin created the CGIM team in 2011, when she was appointed to the Center for Infection and Immunity (CIIL). Formerly, Priscille Brodin headed an Inserm Avenir team at the Institut Pasteur Korea. Since then, 9 researchers and research assistants have been recruited to work in the CGIM team and 4 engineers for the development and the management of the high content screening (HCS) projects. The team premises are located at the Institut de Biologie de Lille-CNRS for offices, benches, BSL-2 labs and servers and at the Institut Pasteur de Lille for BSL-3, high content screening (HCS) platform and animal facilities. The research projects are centered on the cellular microbiology of the tubercle bacillus, with an emphasis on the use of high content high throughput imaging techniques. Priscille Brodin was awarded the SANOFI Pasteur Junior Award in 2014 and currently is a member of the EMBO Young Investigator Program (YIP2016)

Mycobacteria are the etiological agents of three major diseases in humans: Tuberculosis caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Leprosy caused by M. leprae and Buruli ulcer caused by M. ulcerans. Each year, tuberculosis results in millions of death and pulmonary cases, while Buruli ulcer, a severe skin disease, afflicts thousands of children in endemic areas such as Africa and south east Asia. Both M. tuberculosis and M. ulcerans have strong interactions with the host cells to allow their successful establishment in the host and causing disease. Our research vision is focused on investigating the molecular and cellular signalling pathways targeted by the major virulence factors encoded by these two pathogenic mycobacteria.