The "Lung Infection and Innate Immunity" laboratory is mainly interested in two clinically relevant pathogens: influenza A virus and Streptococcus pneumoniae. Our objectives are (i) to define host molecular and cellular factors that predispose to bacterial infections in the context of pulmonary inflammation (such as during flu) and metabolic disorders and (ii) to develop new strategies to strengthen host defense mechanisms against respiratory pathogens.

To reinforce our research activities, we aim to welcome a young scientist with the potential to be recruited as a permanent scientist in our team and to bring complementary expertise. A minimal 3-year postdoc is required. Interested applicants can send a letter explaining why they are interested and their curriculum vitae by email.

Post-doc positions

Post Doctoral Position at Institut Pasteur de Lille

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The chemical biology of antibiotics team (CBA), is looking for a postdoctoral candidate (PhD essential), who is willing to do short term postdoctoral research project (8-9 months). This candidate will help in the genetic engineering of rare actinomycete strains to force the production of “silent antibiotics”, and to aid in the purification of an enoyl reductase from E.coli. Work will support ongoing research programs that have already substantial preliminary data.

The candidate should have experience in microbiology, genetic engineering, cloning, conjugation, recombinant protein production. Experience in chemical biology is a bonus. Candidate should be happy to work in close collaboration with other members of the group. Spoken and written English is a bonus.

Candidates should contact the CBA team head, Ruben Hartkoorn by email, with a letter of motivation and a CV. The start date for this postdoctoral position is as soon as possible.

Starting date: May-June 2018

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