Meet the Team RC2S

Gilles Riveau


As a specialist in immuno-pharmacology, I joined the CNRS in 1983 to devote my research to the regulation of the immune system and the definition of new adjuvants for vaccination. After 10 years as a researcher at the Institut Pasteur in Paris and 4 years as an assistant professor at the University of South Florida, I joined the laboratory of Professor André Capron to work on vaccination against schistosomiasis. I set up the CRB-EPLS in 1995 in Senegal where my team and I devoted our work to studying the immuno-epidemiology of endemic tropical diseases. Together, we developed the first vaccine clinical trials against schistosomiasis in Africa. Today, I currently head the RC2S platform and I am the General Manager of the CRB-EPLS.

Over the past 20 years, our center has greatly expanded its expertise in research on public health issues belonging as well to the populations of developing countries as populations of Western countries.

Emmanuel Herman

Lecturer – University Lille 2 – Faculty of Pharmacy

The common thread of my research career has been the field of host immunity during infectious diseases in human and the study of the environmental determinants that can modulate immune protection in low-income countries.

After few years of research on neonatal and maternal immunology in the context of congenital transmission of Chagas disease in Bolivia, I developed immuno-epidemiological studies in rural areas in Northern Senegal (at the CRB-EPLS) in order to highlight the influence of seasons and malnutrition on children's immunity to parasitic diseases (i.e. Malaria and schistosomiasis) and vaccines.

I also became increasingly interested in the emergence of chronic non-communicable diseases arising from urbanization in Africa, in particular adult obesity as a risk determinant of the perpetuation of child’s malnutrition beyond the fundamental problems of food insecurity. At RC2S, I am in charge of the Scientific Coordination and relationships with the regional partners.

Anne-Marie Schach

ARC / Engineer IPL

As a member of the Pasteur Institute of Lille since 1977, I joined the team of Doctor Gilles Riveau in the early 90s to work on the implementation of vaccination strategies. In 1998 I participated in the first clinical trials of the vaccine candidate Bilhvax. This led me to work with the CIC of the CHRU of Lille, then in Senegal and Niger.

Graduate of the Pierre et Marie Curie University as a Clinical Research Assistant (CRA), I was in charge of implementing quality assurance in the CRB-EPLS as well as Good Clinical Practice and Laboratory Practice in 2002. These approaches are applied in our center in Senegal since 2004.

I work as CRA and technical coordinator for the CRB-EPLS. I take part in the design of the study protocols and I am responsible for the implementation of the Clinical Report Forms, investigation binders and standard operating procedures (SOP). I supervise the studies and ensure monitoring and compliance with regulations and ethics