Scientific Advisory Board

In order to achieve and maintain a level of excellence, CIIL relies on external scientific advice, The scientific committee is currently composed of 8 national and international members which are internationally recognized experts.

Dr. Christophe Combadière, Dr. François-Loïc Cosset, Prof. David Dunne, Dr. Cyril Guyard, Dr. Geneviève Inchauspé, Prof. Guy Joos, Prof. Oberdan Leo, Prof. Patrick Trieu-Cuot

Laboratory Council

It has an advisory role. The unit director can consult the laboratory council on all measures related to the organization and the proper functioning of the research unit and likely to have an impact on the situation and working conditions of the staff.

Mr Camille Locht, Director, Mr François Trottein, Deputy Director
Nominated members
Mrs Zarifé Hanna-Abboud, Mr Jean-Claude Sirard, Mr Alain Baulard
Members of the Researchers and Professor-Researchers College
Mrs Laurence Cocquerel, Mr Mathieu Gissot, Mr Emmanuel Hermann
Members of the Engineers, Technicians and Administrative Staff College
Mrs Nausicaa Gantois, Mrs Claire Montpellier, Mr Dominique Raze
Members of the Contract Agents College
Mrs Juliette Ferlin, Mr Corentin Lasseaux, Mr Romain Veyron-Churlet

Direction committee

It is composed of the Unit Director, his managing assistant, team leaders, scientific animation managers, and the general secretary. This committee provides a privileged forum for communication and decision-making between team leaders. These decisions can be scientific, human or financial.


Flow diagram

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