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Management Platform


The financial office is responsible for the settlement and execution of the budgets allocated to the research center. This office works in close collaboration with the regional administration of CNRS, the regional administration of INSERM, Institut Pasteur de Lille and the University Lille 2,

The Financial Office aims to optimize financial management by providing assistance related to all the Center’s financial operations, including :

The settlement of the budgets (state subsidies, Grants, other subsidies…).

Financial analysis of operational, equipment and salary expenses.

Requests for the transfer of credits.

The validation and monitoring of purchases.

Assists with the booking of travel arrangements for personnel attending conferences, symposia, etc.
Manages the reimbursement of travel allowances


 Human Ressources


Handles personnel records, such as managing contract staff recruitement. Organizes the reception of new recruits, student interns, Phd, and foreign staff. Provides information for the center's personnel related to issues such as promotions and professional mobility as well as with all matters related to the human resources management such as sick leaves, maternity etc...

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