Sub-Saharan Clinical Research - RC2S

The Sub-Saharan Clinical Research (RC2S) team  is supported by the Pasteur Institute of Lille in the frame of the international network of Pasteur Institutes (RIIP) with the purpose to provide a health core facility towards the development of human clinical trials in Senegal. The RC2S dedicates its activities to the coordination of clinical studies in West Africa on behalf of CIIL teams and regional partners. The team also coordinates extensive medical research programs in Africa for foreign organizations. Its activities range from protocol writing, relations with ethics committees and African authorities, logistical preparation of the study, coordination in the field, management of data, and analyzes of results. Thus, our Lille platform is the strategic antenna of the Centre de Recherche Biomédicale EPLS (CRB-EPLS), located in Saint Louis of Senegal and operating throughout the River Basin. The CRB-EPLS is certified as a clinical research platform by Inserm (France), Fiocruz Foundation (Brazil), National Institute of Health (USA), National Science Foundation (USA), B&M. Gates Foundation (USA), and by the World Health Organization (WHO). In addition to coordinating clinical, epidemiological and public health studies carried out in Senegal, the RC2S team has been focusing its research for the past five years on the study of risk factors influencing the immune response to humans infections or mandatory vaccines in Africa, the nutritional status of children or the emergence of chronic non communicable diseases in urban areas. We currently manage a clinical phase 2 trial for the development of a vaccine candidate against human schistosomiasis and an ecological project for reducing transmission of this parasitic disease.