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Meet the Team

Isabelle ASLANI

General Secretary


Marie-Christine RENAUD





She ensures the supervision and coordination of the administrative financial and human resources management of the Center as a whole. She is the guarantor of compliance with legal, administrative and regulatory business obligations.She assists and advises the management of the laboratory, organizes and monitors the human resources management of the center, establishes and proposes the budget, directs and animates the laboratory administrative team.

Human Ressources support tasks, welcome international students and scientist (administrative tasks for arrival).

Responsible for the financial management of orders, invoices, missions and travel of the following teams :

Lactic Acid Bacteria and Mucosal Immunity, headed by Dr. Corinne GRANGETTE,

Cellular Microbiology and Physics of Infection, headed by Dr. Frank LAFONT

System Immunology and Genetics of Infectious Diseases, headed by Dr. Sylviane PIED

Missions and travel by Director and Dr. Nathalie Mielcarek.

Staff assignment

The Staff is responsible for the financial management of orders, invoices, missions and travel, as well as their settlement after verification that the service has been completed. This management is ensured as follows


Financial Manager



Financial manager



Financial manager



Financial manager


Nods-like receptors in Infection and Immunity, headed by Dr. Mathias CHAMAILLARD Basic and Clinical Immunology of Parasitic Diseases, headed by Dr. Sylviane PIED Biology of Apicompexan Parasites, headed by Dr. Jamal KHALIF Equipement & Facilities :

P3M, headed by Jean-Michel SALIOU

EPLS, headed by Dr. Gilles RIVEAU

Molecular & Cellular Virology, headed by Dr. Jean DUBUISSON

Chemical Biology of Flatworms, headed by Dr. Oleg MELNYK

Chemical Biology of Antibiotics headed, by Dr. Ruben HARTKOORN

Transciriptomic & Applied Genomic, headed by Dr. David HOT

Bacterial Respiratory Infection: Pertussis & Tuberculosis headed by Dr Camille LOCHT
Chemical Genomics of Intracellular Mycobacteria headed  by Dr. Priscille BRODIN.

Lung Infection and Innate Immunity, headed by Dr. François TROTTEIN

Pulmonary Immunity, headed by Dr. Anne TSICOPOULOS

Biology and Diversity of Emerging Eukaryotic Pathogens, headed by Dr. Eric VISCOGLIOSI

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